About Highland Dance

Scottish Highland Dance was historically performed by clansmen at highland games to prove their strength, agility, and stamina. Today dancers around the world are continuing the tradition in performance, competition, and as a celebration of Scottish culture. It combines the beauty and precision of ballet with the strength of a Scottish warrior.

Dancers who want to compete will learn traditional steps and dances in order to begin moving through the ranks from Primary (under seven years of age) or Beginner, to Novice, Intermediate and finally Premier. Dancers compete individually against others in their level and age group and collect stamps for a first, second or third place win, so development is done at a personal pace.

For those who don't wish to compete, Scottish Highland Dance is a great form of exercise with a fun and lively community across the globe. Performance opportunities may become available throughout the year.

Studio Philosophy

Mehs School of Highland Dance is an affordable, fun, and healthy extracurricular activity and aims to teach students Scottish Highland Dance in strong and mindful way.


Alyssa Mehs has been a Scottish Highland Dancer since age seven. She has enjoyed competing throughout the United States and Canada, and has received certification as a Member of the SDTA. She is also a 200-hour registered yoga teacher and incorporates the body awareness as well as the flexibility and strength training of yoga into class. Nothing is more exciting than watching students learn and grow on their path as Highland Dancers.

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Alyssa Mehs

Owner & Instructor

SDTA Member

FUSTA Member

200hr RYT